I start by understanding the task

To be able to define the end goal of a project, the timeline, resources and possible constraints before making decision about the approach, I ask questions and observe the people I design for.

Understanding the context, defining the problem, conducting user interviews and competitive analysis help me understand about the problem I need to solve with the project; it also makes me understand what I’m trying to achieve.

Gathering requirements
Customer journey mapping
Startup Safary Budapest, Customer Experience Design workshop

Generate ideas

I believe that there is no one-way approach to idea generation and presenting or sharing concepts as all stakeholders receive information in different ways. While sometimes a simple sketch is enough, other times a high-fidelity, clickable prototype needs to be used to make the idea come across.

I enjoy working in teams, leading workshops and getting stakeholders involved in the idea-generation process.

various design workshops

Design, test, design again

I like starting with pen and paper, importing it to the device I’m designing for and starting testing immediately. Once I know the core functionalities, understand the link between the pages, the hierarchy of the content, etc..I start working on the detailed wireframes, create high-fidelity prototypes and continuously test with people. I like repeating the exercise 3,4 times.

I do enjoy using colours, and starting to think of the hierarchy of the various elements.

em-savey-app-06 copy
Savey app, design iterations

Collaboration with the development team

I believe it’s important to have a good relationship with the development team so that we can challenge each other and collaborate. I like to be involved involved in implementation and see a product, or a feature come to life.

Workshop with developers in Bangalore