My involvement: UX Manager, UX / UI Designer
SEO Manager: Lyn Kan | Art Direction: BBP
Company: Sommet Education, Glion Institute of Higher Education

Challenge: In collaboration with the SEO Manager, optimise the website for higher conversion.


  • Website migration and revision of content
  • Optimise content (considering SEO)
  • Fix usability issues
  • Optimise page layouts
  • Analysis of user data through heat maps, clicks and videos
  • A/B testing
  • UI design improvements
  • Creation of a design system

1. Taking ownership and setting-up the basics

When the SEO manager and I took over the website, the first step was to migrate the it to a different CMS – WordPress – and at this point, battling with the time, the main objectives were to migrate the content over to the new CMS.. There were some obvious usability issues we tackled during the migration (eg. forms not being responsive, content formatting, links not being clickable, old permalinks, etc). We also identified links in the navigation that actually didn’t have any pages available. Hence we created these pages and optimised them for SEO.

2. Data collection and analysis

It was crucial for further improvements to put the right data capturing tools – Google Analytics and CrazyEgg – in place, and start understanding about how users interact with the site.

continuous analysis and testing

3. Start optimising pages

Starting two months after the launch of the website with the new CMS, it was time to start optimising the website. I had analysed the user journeys and identified the most visited pages, and obvious pages that we need to concentrate on. The main objective was to increase conversions. In four months, the hierarchy of the buttons have nicely started showing results.


wireframes of revised pages

4. Start setting up a design system

While we had basic guidelines for printed materials there were no guidelines available for digital use. I had briefed in an agency to provide me with the right elements which then helped me to build up the design system elements in Adobe XD.

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 13.42.33

5. Additional content and features

With new programs (Executive Education and Online programs) being introduced to the portfolio, it was crucial to look at SEO, IA and content. These then helped to inform design decisions and the setting-up of the design system helped me to quickly build hi-fi prototype for stakeholder validation. I then had to focus on the UX of the e-commerce solution we are launching on the website in Sept 2018.


Solution: An optimised and improved website where conversion rate has started rising.